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5ft. t/m 10ft. containers

5ft. t/m 10ft. containers

These compact containers are easy to transport. The size is approx. 2.44 x 2.20 x 2.26 m. Mini storage containers are mainly used in the construction sector.

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20 ft. t/m 45ft. containers

20 ft. t/m 45ft. containers

Standard dry van containers / TUE are often used in the export by ship. With a length of 6 meters, this type also serves perfectly as a storage container, exhibition space...

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Other containers

Other containers

A wide range of container modifications is possible.

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Reefer containers

Reefer containers

Reefers can be used as storage or transport packaging for perishable goods, as a cold store or as a test room. 20 ft. and 40 ft. refrigerated containers/reefers with integral cooling units.

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Your one stop address for shipping and storage containers

Belgium Container Trading, your partner in shipping- and storagecontainer solutions!
Belgium Container Trading is your number one partner when it comes to shipping and storage containers. We’re a leading container supplier offering a super wide range of container types. We try to offer all container solutions in-house. From the purchase to delivery at your doorstep, container repair and modifications. We have a customer oriented philosophy and a transparent approach. BCT offers freight and storage containers at fair prices.
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Containers in all types and sizes

We’re your reliable shipping container supplier.


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20ft. Container

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40ft. Container

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Whether you need a new or used intermodal container, our container solutions experts are available to advise you in your container sales, container purchase or container leasing options. We guarantee professional advice, execution and follow-up in container trading and leasing. We’ll be happy to find the container you need.

We offer a wide selection of storage and shipping containers. We have several privately owned container depots. Quick service guaranteed.

Fast delivery, whether or not by crane truck, incl. drop off, professional container explanation, also for container modifications. We try to keep as much in-house management as possible and work with reliable partners.
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Belgium Container Trading your reliable container supplier. We trade shipping and storage containers.

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Belgium Container Trading is your global full-service container supplier. Whether you would like to sell, buy or lease a standard, special or custom-made container, we’re here for you!
Containers were once known for storage and transport purposes only. Today, we’ve seen 1001 special purposes. They bring luxury to your backyard as shipping container pools, are used as modular office sheds or for branding…we offer new and used containers in various qualities. All our shipping containers meet the IICL-5 requirements, are cargo worthy for general cargo and are wind- and watertight. Do you need a container with a good visual impression with little usage marks on the wall panels, floors and interior? We recommend a new, single used, container. The investment is up to you. Our wide range of used containers from C-grade (cargo worthy for export) to B-grade (average used quality) to A-grade (best used) gives you the opportunity to find the right container for your needs with delivery upon request! Contact us for your free container quote.

Container sales

Belgium Container Trading offers a variety of new and used containers in different qualities. If you buy your container, you can do whatever you want to with your box. 90% of goods that are moved worldwide are moved in a container, high residual value guaranteed! You can save lots of money when you purchase a used shipping container. Are you actually using the box over a longer period of time? Buy it. Not sure whether you’ll actually use the container? Lease it! All our containers are professionally checked at our, mainly privately owned, container depots. At BCT, you buy quality.
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Container leasing

In deciding whether to purchase or lease your container, you can ask yourself 3 questions:
- How long do you need the container? The longer the lease period, the lower the per diem charge but you will come to the point that leasing gets more expensive than buying the container.
- What kind of goods will you transport or store? If the loading damages the box, extra costs of damage repair might surprise you. All our containers need to be redelivered clean and in general good condition.
- In which region do I need the container? If the container has to be delivered in a region far away from one of our depots, the transport costs might be too high in comparison to the purchase of the container. We offer brilliant container solutions for both short-term and long-term use. At BCT you can rent a 20 ft. container from Eur 2.50 per day!
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Large own container stock, good container services guaranteed!

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We have a various range of new and used shipping and storage containers at our, mainly privately owned, container depots. Would you like to buy a container for export? All our containers are wind-/watertight, cargo worthy for general cargo and provided with minimum 1 year valid CSC. All our containers meet the requirements to ship / transport them safely.

3 owned container depots
1500+ containers
7500+ satisfied customers

1001 container solutions

Do you require a safe storage space for your extra stocks? Are you looking for a secure transport box to get your merchandise from A to B? Do you want to modify a shipping container into a coffee bar or even a home? With Belgium Container Trading you found the right partner for all container solutions. Our shipping and storage containers are designed to offer the best freight transport, warehousing and storage service according to the various needs of our customers. Shipping and storage containers withstand nearly all weather conditions, keep their value and offer you an unbeatable flexibility. A shipping container is made with a steel frame, a corrugated steel bottom and sides, wooden flooring, corrugated doors with flexible rubbers and 4 corner blocks. They are constructed to be easily handled and transported. We select the best quality for price.

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