Container leasing & rental

You want to use a container as a temporary solution? All types of containers can be hired, from one single container to hundreds. Belgium Container Trading is ready to meet your time-critical requirements and offers limitless container hire solutions.
container leasing


Based on defined terms and conditions, we offer a rental rate per day. This per diem charge is invoiced monthly. The container becomes your ownership after paying a buy-out amount at the end of the leasing period.

- Short term lease: Based on a pre-determined term of lease, we calculate a per diem charge.

- Long tearm lease: Rental programm similar to short term lease, with a diffence in pricing method. As you plan to rent the container over a longer period of time, it’s charge per day will decrease.

- Master Leasing: We set framework conditions that serve with a unique flexibility in which you have the opportunity to dispose freely over our containers. Easy and quick pick-up and hand-in of containers in various types and sizes. 

- Customized rental option: Do you have certain requirements other than mentioned above? Let us know. 

Attention: all rental containers are inspected at the end of the leasing period.