20 ft. flatrack container

Flat rack containers are constructed out of a wooden container floor and two fixed or flexible ends. They have neither side walls nor a roof. There are two types of flat rack containers: fixed end and collapsible flat rack containers. 40 foot flat rack containers can be loaded up to 35 tons. Flats, also called flat racks or open-top open-side containers, are mainly used for transporting particularly heavy or wide loads.

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Privately owned depots: Maaseik, Antwerpen and R'Dam (Triangle area)
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Product information



The flat rack containers have the following specifications:

  • Wooden floor; Steel floor, checker plate or anti-liquid floor upon request
  • 2 steel ends in standard container height ca. 2,59m without roof and side walls
  • Forklift Pockets
  • 40 feet Flat Rack Containers, new and used
  • 20 feet Flat Rack Containers: rather rarely available