20 ft. Insulated Ex-Reefer Container

 4.750,00 excl. BTW

Insulated containers can be ex-refrigerated containers or modified standard containers equipped with insulated panels. Insulated containers are used to store perishable goods, but also as a test area for research and development. You can also use the insulated container as a dry storage room. They’re often bought for storing important documents or other humidity-sensitive materials.

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Our insulated containers:

  • Are for sea freights: incl. CSC sticker (on request)
  • Without refrigeration unit = ex-reefer

Explore our range of insulated containers, the sound-dampening solution crafted from standard containers lined with insulation material or as ex-reefers. Perfect for storing perishable goods, as well as serving as a controlled testing space for Research & Development activities.

Our insulated containers can also double as dry storage spaces, ideal for preserving important documents and other moisture-sensitive materials.

An 'insulated container' typically refers to a storage unit designed to maintain a constant temperature, whether hot or cold, for its contents. These containers are frequently used for shipping or transporting temperature-sensitive items like food or pharmaceuticals.

'20 ft.' likely denotes the length of the container, indicating it is 20 feet long. This is a standard size in a range of container sizes available, varying from 10 to 53 feet in length.

In summary, a '20 ft. insulated container' refers to a 20-foot long container that's insulated to preserve a stable temperature for its contents, making it an ideal choice for various storage and transportation needs.