Trafo Container - Technical Unit

Use a technical storage container for safe storage of temperature-sensitive installations. Think of the use of containers as control cabinets, mobile test rooms, fire protection systems, pump rooms or rooms for modern systems such as electric generators or water treatment stations. Various container sizes in stock:

8 foot container - 10 foot container - 20 foot container - 40 foot container - and much more...

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Privately owned depots: Maaseik, Antwerpen and R'Dam (Triangle area)
Own fleet of container trucks

Product information


Standard or special containers are used for various technical applications. We convert the containers according to your technical specifications. The use of sea containers offers many advantages:

  • low investment costs
  • short delivery time
  • compact, mobile solutions
  • easily recyclable
  • easy installation of permanent installations i.e. welding & drilling

Send us your sketch and we'll do the rest!